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Stagnation begets failure - it really is that simple.

In today’s world of business if you are not changing, advancing, responding to the market, then you wither away. Consider some big-name examples of companies that were ubiquitous and are now struggling or gone. Remember Woolworth’s, Wards? Been to a BlockBuster Video store lately? Listen to your customer, change the model, and make yourself timeless.

To do this you MUST seek and respond to feedback and quite often admit that you do not have all the answers. Be honest – if you know how to do it better, why aren’t you already doing it better? One terrific benefit of having a network is being able to learn from others who have seen what you are looking at today. Customer Satisfaction dropping? That has happened before. Occupancy rates inconsistent? I know people who have seen that. Do you need to justify a software purchase to senior leadership? That has happened frequently.

At the largest industry conferences (ICMI Contact Center Expo and Conference, HDI Conference & Expo, itSMF/HDI FUSION) recognized industry experts share their knowledge and experiences just like the ones you are facing today. HDI is an organization of people who have been through these experiences and are ready to share!

Your Music City HDI brings those experts to locations around Nashville to help our community grow.

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